For the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States we give you some presidential facts.

Did you know that ...

... Donald Trump is not the 45th, but the 44th president of the USA? This is due to the fact that Grover Cleveland is counted twice. He is the only president that had 2 seperated terms as president. After his first term he lost the elections, but 4 years later he was elected again for a second term.

... George Washington never lived in the White House? Construction only started in 1792, 3 years after the inauguration of George Washington. John Adams became the first president to live in the White House in 1800.

... the salary of the president of the USA is 'only' $400.000? This is plus free stay in the White House (but he has to pay for his food himself), $50.000 expense account, $100.000 travel account and $19.000 for entertainment.

... The Beast, the official car of the president, weighs around 9000kg and uses 64l/100km? The weight of the car is so high due to all the security systems. The car can withstand a grenate attack and the bulletproof windows are 13cm thick.



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