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Day 8: The Everglades

The past night was a nightmare for Heidi. She had a lot of pain from the sunburn on her legs. Jelle went to a pharmacy nearby at 7am te get aftersun with lidocaïne. This brought some relief for Heidi. After the great breakfast we started our trip to Key West. The ride would take about 5 hours.

Florida Everglades

We bought water and some snacks for the trip and headed for the Everglades. Normally we would go for a hike in the park, but due to the sunburn we skipped the hike and made a scenic drive. The Everglades are a beautiful part of Florida. We stopped at the Everglades Safari Park to go see the alligators. Instead of chicken nuggets we ate some gator nuggets.

We continued our trip the Key West. The road to Key West is magnificent. Escpecially the 7-mile bridge is beautiful.

Florida 7-mile bridge

Finally we arrived in Key West. We checked in at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Grand Key Resort. We spent the rest of the day exploring Key West. Our first stop was the most southern point of Florida. We took some photos and then headed for Mallory Square for the magnificent sunset. After sunset we ate in a small restaurant.

Florida Sunset at Mallory Square


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