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Day 9: We're going to Miami!

On the ninth day of our trip we head for our last destination, Miami. We were here in 2010, but now we are staying in Surfcomber Miami Beach, in the middle of South Beach, right on the beach.

Florida The Surfcomber Hotel at Miami Beach

There was no parking at the hotel, so we used the valet parking service. Quite expensive (24 dollar) but very handy.

Florida Bayside Marketplace Miami

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived, so we first went to Downtown Miami, to the Bayside Marketplace. Soon we got a call of the hotel that our room was ready. We did some shopping and returned to the hotel. The service of the hotel was much more than we were used of. There was personel for everything. (All wanting a tip, of course! ;-) ) A porter brought our luggage to the room and than gave us some information about the amenities of the hotel. We thought this was it, but we also received a 'wine bracelet'. Every evening betweet 5 and 6pm there was free wine at the poolside bar.

After a short walk on the beach we went to the Lincoln Road Mall. This is an open air, traffic free shopping street. We only checked out a part of the mall. We had dinner and the rest would be for the next day.

Florida Miami Art Deco District

Day 10: Cocktail time!

We started our last day in Miami with a walk on the boulevard by the beach to the Art Deco District. Last time we were here, we saw some people drinking an enormous cocktail. We were thirsty, so we couldn't resist the cocktails this time. We spent at least 2 hours to finish the cocktail! We ate a little snack and returned to the hotel to relax a little. We spent the rest of the day shopping on Lincoln Road.

Day 11: Leaving paradise

We had to be at the airport by 1.30pm, but we went to the airport a little earlier to have some time to try and get other seats so Heidi could travel a little more comfortable with her sunburn. We flew here with Air Canada, but since they cancelled our return flight, the rebooked us on a Lufthansa flight via Frankfurt.

We got a very bad first impression of the airline.. The personel was very unfriendly and didn't even want to listen to us. At the check-in counter they told us to talk to the personel at the gate. No problem, we would go there then. They were already informed by their colleague from the check-in. Jelle went to the counter and asked if it would be possible to get seats with a little more legroom, so Heidi didn't have to bend her legs for 8 hours. They were very rude and told us to ask other passengers to give up their seats when we were on the plane. There was no other way. A little later we heard that an other Belgian old lady had been upgraded. We couldn't believe what we were hearing! 

So the flight back home was terrible. We won't fly with Lufthansa again if it is up to us..

Back home we told our travel agent about this incident and they told us that they already heard that the Lufthansa personel in the USA could be very unfriendly..


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